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Marriage Ceremony Planning Checklist

Planning your marriage ceremony is important as it will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. You will want everything to go just the way you and your spouse have always wanted it to be and keep your guests happy as well. Here are three things that you will need to have on your checklist when planning your big day.Budget

This is going to be the most important thing that you will have to decide on as it will directly determine how much you can spend on all the services and items you will need. You need to take all the important things into consideration when preparing the budget, such as the videographer Blue Mountains that you will need as well as the venue that you will be having the function in. You will need to allocate a large budget to your marriage if you are planning to host a grand event. In the case of a smaller ceremony, you may not need as much as there will be fewer guests and you will need a smaller place.

Guest List

This is another criterion you will want to add to your checklist, since the guests are what will make up for the most part of your wedding. When deciding on your guest list, the first thing you will need to take into consideration, is the seating capacity of the venue that you will be hosting the ceremony. Based on this, you can decide on who you would want to invite. It may be a promising idea to first add your close relatives and family, before moving onto distant relatives and friends. It would be beneficial if you can have the guests send their RSVP on whether they can attend the event, so that you don’t have any empty seats.


There are quite a few services that you will require to host the ceremony. Some of these include the catering, the wedding cinematography and other optional services such as a band. You will need to book these well in advance so that you could pick them appropriately based on the dates that they are free. It is always a promising idea to have backup options as well, in case one of them is unable to make it. You should pick out the services you need, based on the budget you have allocated and your requirements. These are three of the main criteria that you will want to have on your checklist. If you are having a hard time planning the ceremony, you could consider hiring an event planner to do it for you, provided you can afford it.